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Interface agent

Concrete interface agent

 Concrete interface agent is a kind of polymer modified cement mortar, can enhance the cohesive force of the grassroots, with good water resistance, anti freezing and thawing and avoid the phenomenon of plastering, shell, mainly used for concrete base plasterer interface processing and large block at the surface.

Concrete interface agentCharacteristic:

  Concrete interface agent is mainly used for concrete base plasterer interface treatment, treated with this product on the surface of the base layer, can avoid plastering, shell, off phenomenon.
Applicable scope
1, new and old concrete interface connection of the ideal agent, commonly used in construction joints, Liang Zhu reinforcement, the old foundation reconstruction and other projects.
2, can be used for the repair of concrete surface, sand pits, reinforcement.
3, can be used for concrete and steel surface protection, prevent deterioration and corrosion.
4, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion requirements of plastering engineering and brick paving engineering in special occasions, and can be used in damp base construction.


Matters needing attention:

1, during the construction period, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 DEG C; the construction period and avoid exposure to sunlight when.
2, the summer temperature is higher or dry wall construction before the water is wet.
3, the material mixing, should be used in accordance with the construction of water standards, is strictly prohibited to add other materials.
4, non normal contact with this product caused by the body is not timely, please rinse with water, serious person must be a medical treatment.
5, this product for a period of six months, the shipment and storage should pay attention to rain, moisture.
6, product net weight: 40kg + 0.4KG; executive standard: JG/T907-2002

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