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Market Prospect

Company Background

Shanghai ShunAn Group is devoted to R&D and innovation, which includes 2 wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai ShunAn Building Materials Co., Ltd. And Shanghai ShanAn Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai ShunAn is not only construction bulider but Materials producer and supplier. We produce annually techncial mortar and single items for 50,000 tons, construction heat insulation materials for 150,000m³, Exterior wall construction area can be 1000.000㎡.

Materials Structure

(1)Materials products: Techncial mortar powder, Adhesion agen, Interface agent, Pointing agent, ect.

(2)Exterior Wall heat insulation systerm:

Inorganic vitrified beads insulation systerm

Foamed creamic insulation systerm

Rockwool insulation systerm

(3)Light aggregate concrete

Production and construction for foamed concrete

Production and supply for Ceramic aggregate concrete

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