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Interior wall waterproof mouldproof putty powder

 Interior wall putty powder is a kind of white powder, has an excellent construction, water retention and compactness. After forming has good adhesion strength and waterproof breathable and easy peeling, cracking and hollowing.


Interior wall waterproof mouldproof putty powderCharacteristic:

1 ShunAn wall putty powder with good water resistance, high bonding strength, no cracking, no shedding, antibacterial effect;
2 construction is convenient, add water can be used, without glue, reduce pollution;
3 green environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, non radioactive; service life of up to 30 years or more.

In wall putty powder is mainly used in concrete and cement mortar, such as building the house of the old and new wall and roofing and decoration, special treatment to prevent cracking


Product net weight: 25kg + 0.25 kg
Executive standard: JC/T3049-1998 "putty for interior"

Matters needing attention:

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