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Insulation mortar

Thermal insulation mortar

   Shun an insulation binding mortar is Shun an expansion / extruded polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system part of, cement, quartz sand, re dispersible emulsion powder with with a variety of additives mixed stir well and is non-toxic, no smell and no pollution green environmental protection products.
Bonding mortar for aerated concrete and other lightweight materials, die steel smooth concrete surface adhesion is weak and specially developed high strength inorganic interfacial adhesive reinforced mortar, greatly enhanced the bond strength of the base and all kinds of adhesive materials, and greatly reduce the cost of construction.
This product is suitable for EPS/XPS heat insulation board and wall paste construction, with high operability, high flexibility, high weather resistance and high bond strength, etc., to ensure the safety performance of energy-saving system and improve the construction service life.


Thermal insulation mortarCharacteristic:

1, thermal insulation adhesive mortar with non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, good weather, good waterproof, anti-corrosion, long service life.
2, strong adhesion, fast curing time, can effectively prevent looseness, falling caused by external force, deformation of the bond after the accident.
3, from the bond principle, it is a mechanical set of solid, its molecules can penetrate into the wall and polystyrene plate of the micro hole in the expansion, such as beating a number of expansion screws, unlike other products only bond.
4, Shun an insulation binding mortar excellent waterproof performance. Can also be constructed in very wet conditions. (brick with mortar visco on polystyrene board put pressure in the water, as well as the bonding effect)
5, the adhesive on the spot mixed and easy to be good, good workability, good waterproof, durability is good. Freeze-thaw resistance, small shrinkage, no cracks, no hollowing, no shedding.

Matters needing attention:

1, during the construction and after 24 hours of ambient temperature should not less than 5 degrees. The wind is not more than 5, to avoid the rainy season construction, the temperature is too high or drying a substrate before the matrix watering humid.
2, this product with any other material or other brand product mix.
3, this product for a period of six months, the shipment and storage should pay attention to rain, moisture.
4, product net weight: 25kg + 0.25kg implementation standard: JG149-2003.

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