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Pre-painted Decorated panel

Inorganic pre painted decorative plate

Inorganic precoating board, also known as clean board, fire board, anti bethe board, to 100% asbestos free calcium silicate board as base material, in coated special polyester surface treatment, enable it to have the effective fire, anti-aging resistance, water resistance, and at the same time, maintain the beautiful appearance, give a person to clean feeling.
Inorganic pre coated plate internal wall decoration simple, natural, plate in a smooth transition between plate, avoiding the accumulation of dust caused by bacterial attachment and breeding, but also conducive to cleaning and maintenance. Inorganic precoating board installation and structural adhesive to clean plate firmly attached to on the substrate, installation is simple and fast, and installation is completed between the back plate and the plate with mildew resistant sealant for sealing, the adjacent two boards perfect transition, leaving no gaps. Is one of the most common application of internal wall installation.

Inorganic pre painted decorative plateCharacteristic:

A.Lasting hou resistance

Inorganic pre coated decorative plate has excellent weather resistance. Its superior weatherability reflected in anti weathering and wind resistance, acid rain (the main component of acid rain SO2), namely, anti SO2 performance.
1 no bending due to wind pressure or temperature.
2 there is no expansion or deformation surrounding
3 no fading
4 surface without crack
5 did not produce a fixed piece and keel of corrosion
6 there is no industrial pollution caused by erosion, the surface is easy to clean
7 the superior chemical properties of the inorganic pre coated decorative plate can meet the design and construction requirements of the internal and external wall.
B. anti moisture and impact resistance
Inorganic pre coating decorative plate core using a special inorganic materials, so not subject to the effects of changes in the weather and moisture, also will not rot or mildew. In addition, the solid core plus a special treatment of the hard surface structure, so that the panel has a strong impact resistance, this feature according to the results of the GB/T15231.5-94 movement of the ball of the sag test results, and the daily use confirmed.
C. excellent fire resistance
The 5464-99 GB/T test shows that the inorganic pre coated decorative plate material is not burning, the panel will not melt, drop down or explosion, can keep the characteristics of long-term. The non burning performance of the national fire proof material inspection center is GB8624- a grade, and its performance index is much better than the standard of A. And smoke density, etc., the smoke point height, the average value of the flue gas humidity and the burning of the remaining length, and other indicators have reached or exceeded the level of a composite material standard.
D. stable color
As shown by the product performance table, the anti UV performance and the stability of the panel color of the pre coated decorative panels reached the standard requirements of AAMA 2605, therefore, the impact of weather changes, the core and the appearance of the inorganic pre coated decorative panels will not change. weatherability of quality assuranceTo have 10 years of color stability and weatherability of quality assurance

E. economic feasibilityThe inherent characteristics of the inorganic pre coated decorative panels determine its economic nature. From the long-term and comprehensive characteristics, because of its low maintenance costs, long service life, reducing the cost of a large number of maintenance and maintenance. Its advanced simple processing method and the installation structure, the  inspiration and artistic imagination, thus breaking the traditional wall material of the monotonous, give people the enjoyment of beauty. The relatively low cost of inorganic pre coated decorative panels and the superiority of other materials can not be compared with other materials, but also can achieve unique decorative effect.whole construction process is more safe and save time, greatly improving the work efficiency.
F. adds to the beauty of the city
The good decorative effect of the building is an increase of the city, which constitutes the urban landscape. As an environmentally friendly high-tech products of the inorganic pre coated decorative board, it has a variety of color, good texture and unique modern atmosphere, provides more creative
G. excellence in environmental protection
The production, processing and other processes of the inorganic pre coated decorative panels are all in line with the requirements of ecological environment. Specific surface in several ways:
1 effective use of resources to effectively protect the natural resources.
2 pollution to the minimum of the environment
3 durability and low maintenance, and the installation of inorganic pre coated decorative board, can be maintained for many years without surface maintenance.
4 to the environment without any side effect of the product, the inorganic pre coated decorative plate will not release any harmful gases or substances into the air, water or oil.
H. superior antibacterial, bactericidal function
The inorganic pre coating decorative surface layer can according to the actual application, the special process of high performance coated antibacterial coating. The coating may have the functions of sterilization, deodorization, decomposition of formaldehyde, self-cleaning, anti mildew, anti ultraviolet, weathering resistance, resistance to abrasion, moment, chemical corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and fireproofing, moisture and other excellent characteristics.
Due to the excellent performance of the inorganic pre coated decorative plate, it will be used for building the function and construction of buildings in terms of its outstanding characteristics:
1 the performance of fire a grade a greatly improve the fire rating of buildings, increase the safety factor;
2 inorganic pre coated decorative panels and insulation materials collocation use can be directly used as building walls, greatly reducing the weight of the building;
3 the main materials of inorganic pre coated decorative board are industrial wastes or renewable resources. Compared to the existing building materials, it can save the non renewable resources such as land and mineral resources;
4 inorganic pre coated decorative board surface has been made, to avoid the environmental pollution of the scene, is the environmental protection materials;
5 the installation of inorganic pre coated decorative plate is mainly an assembly, and the construction time is greatly accelerated, and the cost is also saved;
6 the thermal conductivity of the inorganic pre coated decorative plate is 0.1~0.2w/mk, which has good thermal insulation performance, and the building uses the inorganic pre coated decorative board can effectively save the building energy consumption;
7 as a result of the inorganic pre coated decorative plate for 20 years, from the whole of the use of the building cost is concerned to be lower than other non pre coating material, and with the development of domestic inorganic pre coated decorative plate, the cost has been greatly reduced compared with foreign products

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