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Insulation systerm

Rock wool insulation integration

Rock wool board is basalt and other natural minerals as the main raw material, rock wool board by high temperature melting into the fiber, adding proper amount of binder, curing processing and is made. Rock wool board products used in industrial equipment, building, ship insulation, sound insulation, fire insulation etc..

External wall thermal insulation rock wool board for exterior wall thermal insulation rock wool board for special use, the A-class non combustible fire insulation materials, high compressive and tensile strength, low water absorption and hygroscopicity and dimensional stability good, does not produce thermal expansion or contraction, aging resistance and advantages, and exterior wall system compatibility, the building provides effective energy-saving insulation, fire and extreme climate protection variety performance.

Shun an external wall thermal insulation rock wool board is specifically for the external walls of the building external thermal insulation thin plastering system design and production, especially in primary dense concrete or brick wall structure new or existing building exterior wall insulation or energy saving; the external wall thermal insulation rock wool with can also used as anti fire isolated belt, and the combustion performance of the grade a insulation supporting materials, to improve the function of the exterior walls of the building fire protection.

Rock wool insulation integrationCharacteristic:

1, appearance: smooth surface, without prejudice to practical scars, stains road damage.

2, combustion performance: a non burning

3, resistance temperature: 800 degrees.

4, moisture absorption: > 200%

5, capacity: 150

6, oxygen index: 0

7, thermal conductivity: 0.04~0.055 (w/mk)

High compressive strength, tensile strength and durability index, ensure the product quality.

Matters needing attention:

1. We should pay attention to rain, not in rainy day construction.

2.Used for cold insulation must be in with moisture-proof layer, in particular temperature low, not contain resin rockwool insulation, moistureproof layer must also is fireproofing.

3.When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, such as: 200 DEG C, insulation must be added the appropriate protection, so as not to make rock wool board thickness and density change.

4.On the large diameter peace wall equipment with rock wool products insulation, more than 200 DEG C, be sure to remember rock wool board manufacturers told: insulation nail, (spacing of 400 mm) outer sheath to Snap

 5.The need to heat insulation equipment, insulation nails and pipeline is conducive to anti-corrosion, can receive appropriate coating. In addition there should be no leakage place. This can achieve better results.

6.Rock wall board products in the outdoor insulation under vulnerable to mechanical wear of should be made of metal or plastic wrapping, and then note the joint place, the sealing of the joint, need to add the glial seal,The parcel layer stack local not less than 100 mm.

7.When the insulation object is 90 degrees to place, and have a certain height, rock wool board insulation layer must positioning pin supporting ring, the spacing must not be greater than 3 meters, to prevent insulation materials in vibration to slide down.

8.In order to heat loss minimum target is achieved, the joints of rock wool board and felt must tight butt, if there is a multilayer insulation each cross joints need to interleave open, so as not to constitute a bridge, in the cold insulation must eradicate cold bridge.

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